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The Finest Guitar Pickups on the Planet




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Bill Kelliher, lead guitarist for modern metal trailblazers and twice Grammy Award nominees MASTODON has collaborated with Lace on the most sacrosanct of six-string subjects - his own signature guitar pickups! Bill came to us to realize his vision of a sonically versatile humbucker pickup set with superior dynamic response, unparalleled sustain and impeccable tone. The resultant creation entitled “Dissonant Aggressors” offers to you, the same tone tools as one ofmetal’s brightest stars. Use them like Bill does to blaze your own metal music trail!



Like his personality, Brent Hinds’ signature guitar pickups unleash the forces of nature with a bright attack, smooth midrange crunch, full-range yet balanced lows and highly responsive dynamics. 

It’s hard rock meets modern metal progressive aggression that shines at all gain levels from clean to molten. For heavy yet versatile tone that’s written all over your face, look no further than the Brent Hinds Hammer Claw® Signature pickup set by Lace.


The Matt Pike Model Dirty Hesher set are voiced with the signature sound that Matt first introduced to the world with his legendary band SLEEP and which he refined and perfected with his band HIGH ON FIRE. His unique heavy sound has been captured in these two high output humbuckers, and is just waiting for a chance to escape and slay all who have ears. 

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Lace® Music Products in conjunction with master guitarist and song writer Bill Kelliher of Mastodon fame are proud to introduce the second in the Series of Bill Kelliher's Signature Pickups by Lace®, the Divinator™. Kelliher, known for his prowess and his magical interpretation of his own unique playing style and tone has added a new addition the Divinator™Signature pickups to coincide with launch of his new Signature Guitar, the Sparrowhawk from ESP and Ltd guitars.

The Divinators™ encompass a full range of tone with clarity and an attitude that yields rich and complex tones with adaptability. In split mode or full out humbucker yell, Kelliher's new addition is unique and elegant when using Lace's® patented pickup technology.

The latest offering from the minds at Lace and the madness of Matt Pike. Matt's new guitar pickup, The Dragonaut, is a new level of grit and power from the guitar tone of bands like High on Fire and SLEEP. New logo for the new tones that will make you cut and grind your way over anything!

Matt Pike endorser and player of his Lace® Signature Dirty Heshers™ pickups has created another Signature Humbucker, The Dragonaut™.

The bare-chested one again sat down with Lace® and asked about yet another tone that was in his head and fingers seeking to come up with the new humbucker pickup to be presented at the NAMM 2017 show. 

The combined effort between Lace® and Pike is the new Dragonaut Humbucker available in bridge, neck or set. The sonic entitlement to a more detailed midrange than what is expected or available from a conventional pickup design was successfully designed into the Dragonaut™. A thunderous full double coil tone along with a zero noise split single coil tone that covers Matt Pike's sought after sound and playing style.

                                                                                                                                                                     Nate Newton just returned from performing with Converge at some festivals and this is what he had to say about his signature Riffblasters.

"In the words of our soundguy who's been mixing us since 2001-ish: that is the best your bass tone has ever sounded."

"Those pickups and my Orange boost pedal = the tone I've been searching for. I actually slimmed it down to one amp. I don't need two amps to get what I was trying to get now."

"It's so great man. I don't get any of the weird "farty" noises I used to get. The mid range is still there punching through but everything is way more controlled and precise. So much so that I've been able to bring more bottom end into the tone which is a huge help. I used to have to keep the bass low because it would just rumble and fart and feedback."

Zero B.S. man.... I've never been happier with my bass sound. 

"You're gonna shit when you hear how savage it sounds on the new record dude."

Nate Newton / Converge

Lace  Sensor World Class Tone...


Lace have built these world famous patented guitar pickups since 1985. Used exclusively by Fender® until 1996 in many Fender Guitar models including StratocastersTelecasters and Tele Plus Fender Guitars.

The entire Lace Sensor Pickup line is available through Lace Music Products. The Sensor pickups have the same specifications with the same great tone. Gold Lace Sensors are designed to duplicate an early Fender® single coil pickup. Crisp top end and bell-like tone, the Lace Sensor Gold™ utilizes the latest technology to provide excellent tone for today's guitar players.

The Lace Sensor® family has a unique radiant Field Barrier system that surrounds both the coil and magnets, reducing annoying 60-cycle hum. The patented Lace Micro Combs® replace traditional bobbins, yielding a wider tonal range and better string balance than traditional pickups.


Unlike ordinary electric guitar pickups that read string vibration from 6 magnetic poles, Lace Sensors generate 36 separate magnetic "sensing" fields which, in the areas where they contact the string, "read" the strings' vibration. (Regular guitar pickups only generate anywhere from 4 to 12 fields).

Lace Sensors also have Radiant Field Barriers: metal slides which frame the inner core of the Sensor Pickup and perform two functions. The first is to shield the Sensor from the outside noise and 60 cycle hum. The second is to produce a broader, yet more concentrated umbrella of a sensing field than that of standard magnetic pickups.

Less Noise, More Harmonics

As compared to standard pickups, Lace Sensors read a greater physical area of the string, while picking up less outside interference. This makes the signal-to-noise ratio nothing short of phenomenal for a single coil system. Also, a wider range of harmonic content is read by the Sensor Pickup, delivering a more complex tonal response.

Increased Sustain, Truer Pitch

Since they operate so efficiently, Lace Sensors can utilize the much lower energy magnets than ordinary electric pickups, and this in turn bring about a whole new realm of properties. In regular pickups, the magnetic fields are so strong they physically dampen, or drag on, the strings' vibration, reducing sustain and actually changing the pitch. But in Lace Sensors, string dampening is virtually non existent. This means your sustain is increased dramatically while the string holds its true pitch for the duration of the note.






Lace Sensor Gold: A classic 50's Style single coil sound with a classy bell tone.

  • Position: Neck, Mid or Bridge

  • White, Black or Cream

  • Resistance: 5.8k

  • Peak Frequency: 3600

  • Inductance: 2.4 henries

  • Music Styles: Vintage Rock, Blues, Country, and R&B, Funk

  • Think: Clapton, Beck



Lace Sensor Blue: Slightly increased output with the warmer 50's humbucking

   sound in a single coil configuration

  • Position: Neck or Bridge

  • White, Black or Cream

  • Resistance: 12.8k

  • Peak Frequency: 2100

  • Inductance: 6.58 henries

  • Music Styles: Pop, Alternative, Rock, Blues, Agressive

  • Think: Jonny Greenwood, Pumpkins, Bloomfield, Cream



Lace Sensor Silver: A fat 70's single coil sound with increased output and more

     mid-range. Also available as RWRP

  • Position: Neck or Mid

  • White, Black or Cream

  • Resistance: 7.1k

  • Peak Frequency: 3000

  • Inductance: 3.38 henries

  • Music Styles: Vintage & Classic Rock, Blues, and Pop

  • Think: Pumpkins, Breeders, James Burton


Lace Sensor Red: The hottest output of our Sensor Series. Perfect for the bridge

     position when fat,  punch humbucking output is required.

  • Position: Bridge

  • White, Black or Cream

  • Resistance: 14.5k

  • Peak Frequency: 1850

  • Inductance: 8.12 henries

  • Music Styles: All Rock, Metal, Aggressive, Punk, and Pop

  • Think: Jonny Greenwood, Pumpkins, Husker Du, Breeders, Drips




Lace Sensor Light Blue: Warm, punchy, Jazz Blues neck pickup, or thicker middle

     and bridge tone

  • Position: Neck, Mid or Bridge

  • White, Black or Cream

  • Resistance: 8.0k

  • Peak Frequency: 2984

  • Inductance: 8.0 henries

  • Music Styles: Rock, Blues

  • Think: Ritenour, Carlton





Lace Sensor Burgundy: Recommended as Bridge pickup for slightly fatter tone.

  • Position: Neck, Mid or Bridge

  • White, Black or Cream

  • Resistance: 8.9k

  • Peak Frequency: 2700

  • Inductance: 4.44 henries

  • Music Styles: Rock, Blues, Fusion, Progressive

  • Think: Page, Gary Moore, Santana



Lace Sensor Emerald: That Texas-inspired tone without the noise! All you want for

     that style of music!

  • Position: Neck or Mid

  • White, Black or Cream

  • Resistance: 5.7k

  • Peak Frequency: 3450

  • Inductance: 2.7 henries

  • Music Styles: Boogie, Blues, Rock, Country, Jazz

  • Think: SRV, Billy Gibbons a la Tres Hombres, David Grissom


 Lace Sensor Purple: Hot over-wound single coil tone, between a Burgundy and

     Blue Sensor. Designed  for bridge or a P-90-type tone in the neck.

  • Position: Neck or Bridge

  • White, Black or Cream

  • Resistance: 10.5k

  • Peak Frequency: 2400

  • Inductance: 5.8 henries

  • Music Styles: All Rock, Blues, R&B, Funk and Pop

  • Think: Blackmore, Hendrix, Ron Wood, McKnight


Use our suggested pickup heights below. 
These measurements are good for any of our Lace Pickups.
Start with these measurements and adjust heights to own preference.

Distance is from top of the pickup to the string FRETTED at the 21st fret.


Neck:     1.5mm
Mid:        2.0mm
Bridge:   1.0mm


Neck:     2.5mm
Mid:        3.5mm
Bridge:   2.0mm


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